Gardening Class at Four String Farm!

Working in a Winter Garden

Working in a Winter Garden

Friends, we will offer a gardening class at Four String Farm on Saturday, January 30, from 10:00am to noon.

This will be a small class that includes a private tour of our gardens and animal paddocks. Space in the class is limited to allow the most personalized attention to the attendees. You must register and pay in advance to reserve your place–please see steps below.

The Secrets of Heritage Gardening

Our gardening methods are a unique blend of techniques I learned from visiting farms all over the world. Most of our techniques I discovered in history books, and I have never seen them in practice until we planted them on our farm. You will not find these methods in a typical gardening book.

We will begin this class by sharing an overview of heritage gardening: creating healthy soil; where and when to plant; intensive beds; companion planting; natural pest control; mulching; fertilizer; and irrigation.

We will take a walking tour of our gardens and animal paddocks during the discussion to illustrate these principles by example from the garden. We will even plant a starter Three Sisters garden with your help! This class will demonstrate how we start with beach sand but go on to harvest such incredible yields of healthy, delicious, chemical-free produce.

Our goal is to help you translate these methods to your own garden. We want to empower you to grow your own produce, a lot of it, without chemicals and with minimal work and expense. This class will be guided by your questions, so come ready to find out everything you want to know about growing your own food.

Class by Reservation and Advance Pay Only

This will be a small class; space is limited. To attend, you must pre-register and pay in advance. The cost is $25 per person. Please click on the links below to register and pay.

I will send you an e-mail once we receive your payment to confirm your reservation. Once you are registered, we will send you all the details you need for the class, including our address, what to bring, and directions for parking.

Our friend Danya Heck has graciously agreed to bring Groovie Smoothies to the class! She will have some refreshing beverages for you before and after the class, and you can pay her directly for something tasty.

Expect a Rustic Environment!

We have a true “pioneer” farm, and you will know why we call it that once you get here. You must wear long pants and closed-toed shoes to take this class, preferable blue jeans and boots. Also, dress for the weather—we will hold the class rain or shine. Wear a hat and bring bug repellant.

You will have to walk about half a mile through tall grass, weeds, brush, and uneven terrain during the tour. The class will be something like a nature walk through woods without a trail.  If you can’t safely make this walk through rough terrain, this class in not for you.

Step 1, Register for Class:

First, click here and complete the form to begin your registration:

We’re sorry this class is now full!  You can sign up to follow this blog to get updates and to find out when our next classes are announced.  Thank you!

After you complete the registration form, come back to this page and pay for the class.  Please note, you are not registered for the class until you complete your payment.

Step 2, Pay for Class:

Next, click here and pay:

We’re sorry this class is now full!  You can sign up to follow this blog to get updates and to find out when our next classes are announced.  Thank you!

Please note:  You are not registered until you complete the form and pay for the class.

Once we receive your payment, I will send you and e-mail with your confirmation, plus details, including our address and what to bring.

We look forward to having you! Get ready for a fun and exciting day!

Winter Issue of THE BEND

Friends, take a look at the winter issue of THE BEND MAGAZINE.

Turn to page 91 for a wonderful story written by Kayla.  These gorgeous pastries with recipes are the work of Claudia at Fillingood Bakery in Corpus Christi.  Nice work Kayla and Rachel!

Click here to subscribe to this beautiful magazine!

Gardening Class this Wed, Jan 13, at 10:00am!

Kayla Harvesting a Three Sisters Garden

Kayla Harvesting a Three Sisters Garden

Friends, join Kayla and me for a “Three Sisters Gardening Class” in Corpus Christi this Wednesday, January 13, from 10:00am to 11:30am.  The class will be held at South Texas Botanical Gardens, 8545 S. Staples St., Corpus Christi TX 78413.

This class is free and open to the public.

We will begin the class in the beautiful South Texas Botanical Garden classroom to cover the basics of Three Sisters gardening. Then we will go outside for a live demonstration.  We will begin with bare dirt, plant a Three Sisters garden together, and answer all your questions in the process!

Three Sisters is the Native American Indian technique for inter-planting corn, beans, and squash. We have adapted this method to grow sweet corn, summer and winter squash, beans, melons, cucumbers, pumpkins, savory herbs, and gorgeous flowers.

The Three Sisters is the easiest and fastest way to grow the greatest amount of produce in the smallest space with the least amount of work. We built our farm on Three Sisters agriculture and are excited to share this method with you!

What:  “Three Sisters Gardening” with Justin Butts

When: 10:00am to11:30am on Wednesday, January 13

Where:  South Texas Botanical Gardens, 8545 S. Staples St., Corpus Christi TX 78413.  361-852-2100

Who: All gardeners of all ages!

Three Sisters Garden

Three Sisters Garden

Faces at First Light

Mae Burke Emma sunrise 11-18-15

Our friend Mae Burke wanted pictures of Kayla and the girls at sunrise, without makeup, still a little sleepy. As part of her series, Mae Burke, Moments of Motherhood, Mae is capturing images of moms and their little ones in beautiful natural settings.

I asked Kayla how she felt about having pictures without makeup after just waking up. She pointed out that I posted pictures of her without makeup, in harsh hospital light, after not sleeping for 48 hours, and having just had a baby.  She thought Mae would be a little more gentle with the camera.

Mae Burke Emma looking at Madeliene 11-18-15

I went out in the still-dark morning to do my chores and Mae was sitting quietly on the porch, kindly waiting for everyone to be up and moving before she knocked on the door. They all went out to the lake to wait for sunrise.

I feel like these pictures could have been taken last week, or a hundred years ago. There is something timeless about the light, the gardens, the lake, and the people in the photographs.  To me, a really good picture makes you want to go there, to get into the picture.

My heart is in these pictures, rising with the sun, shining on these loves of mine, holding and beholding their faces at first light.

You can see more of Mae’s photography at Mae Burke.

Mae Burke Kayla Emma Madeliene field to left 11-18-15

Mae Burke Kayla Madeliene long view 11-18-15Mae Burke Madeliene Emma looking 11-18-15Mae Burke Emma dragging blanket 11-18-15Mae Burke Sunrise Kayla Madeliene 11-18-15Mae Burke Kayla holding Madeliene 11-18-15Mae Burke Kayla Emma looking left 11-18-15


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