Eight Months Along

Kayla Pregnant 36 weeks 12-5-13

Kayla and I had an appointment yesterday to have family pictures taken on our farm, but while we were waiting for the photographer to arrive, this winter storm blew in.

The temperature dropped from 70 degrees to 40 degrees in about an hour, and the sky turned dark and gray.  We had to reschedule with the photographer for next week, when, hopefully, there will be more sunshine and less cold wind.

But I had already dragged our fancy green chair out to a pasture, and Kayla had her red pants on, so I went back to the house for my camera.  Emma may want to look at this someday.  I took these pictures of Kayla, eight months pregnant, as the last of the charcoal light drained from the sky.

Kayla Pregnant by Lake 12-5-13Kayla Pregnant in Chair 12-5-13

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  1. Thank you so much Agi! We are very excited! We just got a wave of cold weather here in South Texas, and I know that for Vermonters 30 degree temperatures are laughably mild, but for us it is like an Arctic blast! Hopefully we will be back in shorts and tee-shirts next week. Thank you Agi, have a wonderful day!

  2. Gorgeous picture but considering the subject matter, what else could you expect. They really are some great pictures. Congratulations again.

  3. Personally, I don’t think you have need of a professional photographer, but heck – supporting the arts is great. At least with the pro, you both can be in a photo or two.

    Congratulations – and stay warm. It sounds like we’ve got a few more days of this before the cold breaks. You’re at 36 and we’re at 38 south of Houston, but you’ve got a wind chill advisory.

    • Thank you so much!

      Yes! We love the arts! Fortunately, our photographer is really wonderful and we are excited to see her pictures. I personally feel like the pictures are much better with only Kayla in them, but Kayla insists we get one with me in it too. I hope the photographer brings a great big airbrush!

      You guys stay warm too! The animals are loving this cold weather; the cows, pigs, chickens, dogs, and cats are all very frisky and chasing each other around. It is a little cold for me, but at least I had an excuse to crawl under the bed and find out where I put my coat a few years ago…

      Enjoy this beautiful day!

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