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  1. Hello, do you sell raw milk? I am interested in the farm share, but I think buying the products individually would be better for our family as we do not eat all those vegetables.:/ Do you sell your products individually st the farmers market?

    • Hello Suan! We do not sell raw milk, but you can order it through Kimmi’s Fine Foods in Rockport. We only drink raw milk from Kimmi’s store and our family loves it. If we try to give our little ones milk from the store, they just take a sip and give the cup back!

      We will sell our pork retail at the Downtown Farmers’ Market, but none of our other products. There are many wonderful vendors at the market who sell produce, grass-fed beef, fresh chicken, and many other goods–some really great products for you to choose from. Our friend Jaime Bustos has some particularly beautiful veggies right now. Please stop by the market and visit some of these vendors, you will find some really nice meats and veggies. Thank you for your interest in our farm, we hope to see you at the market! Justin

    • Hello Stephanie! Our customers tell us that the amount is very nice for a family of four, but it depends on how much you cook and how many big eaters you have. How far it goes depends on how much cooking you do. If you use all the items, you can get many meals out of each Farm Share. We are going to take pictures of a full Farm Share laid out on the table and post it to our Facebook page to help give you an idea. Thank you so much Stephanie!

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