The New Model for Designs by JEM!

Friends, take a look at the new model for Designs by JEM!   We are so excited that Kayla has been selected to model for this wonderful company!

These photos are from a test shoot for the company.  Kayla will be shooting more extensively next week.  We will share details when the ad campaign opens and all the places you can see this gorgeous model in her aprons!

2 responses

  1. Hi you guys! I wasn’t able to post a comment, but wanted to let you know that I LOVE Kayla’s short haircut! She and the festive aprons are adorable! That’s great that you guys are thriving and having fun! Always great to read your blog and see what you’re up to! Joel Saladin must’ve been a wonderful event and he sounds like such a nice man! We’re back in Georgetown, Bahamas for the winter! Daren’s gone back to work in Modesto,CA but will back the week before Christmas! Yay! I just read a lovely Christmas book, Remembering Christmas, by Christian fiction author, Dan Walsh. I started with his dog trilogy, Finding Riley, Saving Parker, and Rescuing Finley, which I just started! All are fun stories with happy endings! You may not have much time to read!! Sounds like you stay pretty busy! Have fun, always and have a wonderful Christmas! 🎄 Much love from, Nancy, Daren, and Libby

    Above all, be careful what you think because your thoughts control your life. Proverbs 4:23 ERV


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