Check Out the February 2018 Issue of The Bend Magazine!

Friends, I am so excited about the February 2018 issue of The Bend Magazine!  In this issue, I was privileged to write a feature story titled “Where Legends are Real” about a modern working cattle ranch and the true cowboys of South Texas.  Michael Diamante did an amazing job on the photography.

Kayla and I joined Tim Fitch of Palo Verde Cattle Company for an old-fashioned cattle round-up and met the real-life cowboys who work the cattle just the way it was done back in the 1800’s.  These hardworking men are not pretentious in any way.  They are kind, gracious, smart, and funny.  And these guys are very serious about their work.

For me, the best part is Cash Fortenberry, a ten-year-old cowboy working the round-up next to his dad.   Cash’s father is teaching him priceless lessons in responsibility, discipline, and grit that he could learn nowhere else.  And Cash is learning a love of freedom that will propel the cattle business into the next generation.

Our Farm-to-Table recipes on page 77 are all about breakfast bowls–sweet, savory, and grainy!  The photography by Rachel Benevides is beautiful.  I also wrote a gardening article called “The Waggle Dance” on page 62 that explains how bees use a dance on the hive to give directions to a new nectar source!

There are many great articles as well about music, culture, and more, please don’t miss this issue!


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  1. Justin and Kayla, you both never cease to amaze us with all your endeavors. Gar an I totally enjoyed Kayla as the Detective in “Clue, The Musical” last Sunday at the Harbor Play House. It was a total delight. Thank you for being Rockport Strong and two exceptional people in south Texas.

    • Thank you so much Dee for this wonderful message! I am loving Kayla in this show! I love to see how funny she is on the stage, is just how funny she is at home! I really appreciate your kind words, you made our day! Justin

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