Justin Butts, Freelance Writer

Justin with Turnips (photo courtesy racheldurrent.com)

Justin is available to write on a freelance basis for businesses or individuals. He specializes in writing about food, agriculture, business management, and marketing and ad copy. 

Justin has published more than 150 articles about food, recipes, people, farming, and gardening in THE BEND Magazine and EASTside Magazine in Austin. Go to thebendmag.com or EASTsideatx.com and search “Justin Butts” for articles. These articles reach more than 100,000 people each week.

He has written and performed more than 250 episodes of his popular FM radio program that airs weekly on KEDT/KVRT. Contact Justin at justinallenbutts.com to request scripts or recordings.

To read a few short samples of Justin’s writing to see the quality and diversity of his work, check out these posts:

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For a copy of Justin’s book proposal, which was called “the best book proposal I have ever read” by several national publishers and agents, please e-mail Justin at justinallenbutts@gmail.com.