The Champion of Breakfast

Who is the hero of your morning?      

Who says, “Rise and Shine!” and tells you to sit at the table?  Who rattles pans on the stove until the kitchen smells like love?  Who comes to the table with a frying pan and spatula and scoops deliciousness onto your plate?  Who is the hero of your morning?  Who is the champion of your breakfast?  

Let the champion be YOU!  

For a limited time only, buy a dozen eggs and a pound of ground pork for only $7.00!  Included in this combo is a packet of homemade “sage” or “hot” breakfast sausage seasoning.  

This breakfast is easy on the pocketbook, and easy to prepare.  Simply pour the contents of the homemade seasoning packet onto the ground pork, and mix together well.  Form the pork into patties and fry until crisply browned.  Scramble, fry, or poach eggs as you desire.  

This combo deal for only $7.00 is a cost-competitive way to feed your family.  A smaller family could make two or even three meals from this package.  For three meals, that is less than $2.50 per meal!  

Here is the difference in our breakfast:  it is very delicious and very healthy.  Farm fresh food has a certain magic to the flavor; the taste is incredible.  And this food is not a guilty pleasure.        

"Sage" and "Hot" Homemade Seasoning Packets (Four String Farm)

Pastured eggs and pork are part of a healthy diet.  Go to for details around the health properties of pastured food grown in our type of program.  You may be surprised at the health benefits of good eating—especially at this price.  

You deserve to feel good about the food you feed to your family.  You can bring the farm to your table simply by picking up the phone and placing an order.  We deliver farm fresh food to your door.  

And remember, there is only one thing better than breakfast:  breakfast for supper!  Check out our website for recipes and cooking ideas.  

Start the coffee; take out a frying pan; call the family to the table.  By the time they sit down, you will have an incredible farm fresh breakfast on the table.  Thank you breakfast maker, pan rattler, egg and sausage and sunshine server.   

You are my hero.  You are the champion of breakfast!  

(We deliver our farm fresh food to your door in Rockport.  Go to to place an order.  Or, look for the Four String Farm booth at the Rockport Farmer’s Market.  Or come out to the farm and pick up the combo yourself.) 

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