A Four String Dinner at GLOW

Friends, we invite you to join us for dinner at GLOW of Rockport on Wednesday, July 11, at 6:30pm.  Please mark your calendar for this event, and call or e-mail Karey of GLOW to make your reservation.

A Summer Harvest Celebration

Join us for a celebration of the summer harvest and a night of good food, good drink, and good company.  The menu will feature our freshly picked produce, chicken and pork dishes, and seafood from our local waters. 

Food this fresh, and this good, is very hard to find–even in the best of big-city restaurants.  And you will know that each item, cooked to its perfection, was raised and harvested just a few miles from your table. 

Heritage Farming Practices

Our heritage farming practices allow us to grow wonderful vegetables and herbs without any type of chemicals whatsoever.  Between courses, we will tell a little about the produce featured in each dish. 

Call to Make Your Reservation

Please call Karey to make your reservation at 361-727-2644 or email info@glowrockport.com.  Thank you for presence and thank you so much for supporting local business.

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