Come to Coastal Flavors!

Coastal Flavors banner picFriends, we invite you to join us at Coastal Flavors, in Rockport, on the first weekend in February, for a celebration of wonderful food.  Please mark this event on your calendar, and get your tickets early.

Coastal Flavors is a three-day event, beginning Friday evening, February 1st, with a champagne and oyster reception, and live music.  You can come for one day, or for the whole weekend.

Saturday morning there will be a workshop and presentations at the pavilion on Rockport Beach.  Robb Walsh, an award-winning author, will speak at this event, along with many other notable food and wine experts.  Jim Naismith, a professional fisherman and an expert on Gulf seafood, will demonstrate the Ike Jime method of harvesting fish, that he learned in Japan, to perfectly preserve its quality.  There will be a talk about food and wine pairing, a presentation by outdoor writer David Sykes, and a discussion on coastal conservation.  I will host a forum of local farmers, to discuss the future of growing food in our area, and I would love for you to join us.

Saturday afternoon will be “The Grand Tasting”.  You will enjoy the best of local food and seafood, prepared by the best chefs in South Texas.  The dishes at this event will be extremely fresh; as an example, our farm has already been booked to deliver our produce freshly picked, the morning of the event, for the chefs to begin to prepare it.  The same goes for the seafood and other items.  And the chefs are really good.  There will be live music, many kinds of wine to enjoy, and of course the sparkling sea shining at your feet. 

On Sunday, there will be a brunch, one of the incredible creations of GLOW, and live music.  All through the weekend, the finest restaurants in Rockport, Port Aransas, Corpus Christi, and beyond, will offer specials and prix fix menu offerings, in honor of the Coastal Flavors weekend.

The organizer of this event is our friend, Karey Johnson, of GLOW.  Karey is a rising star in Texas cooking.  In her weekly food column in the Caller-Times, she shares her secrets for finding and preparing local food.  Karey is the author of the cookbook Glow: Tastes from a Tiny Boathouse.  She scours our coastline for the freshest seafood, wild game, pastured pork, poultry, and garden-fresh produce, and tells how to prepare it.  She even makes her own salt, fresh from the sea!  Karey is helping take our local food movement to a new level.  

We are thrilled to be a part of Coastal Flavors.  This event is great for our little town, for our wonderful restaurants, for our farmers and fishermen, and especially for our friends who love really good food. 

Please join us for one day, or for the whole weekend, and find out what a delicious town we live in!

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  1. Can you tell me who shot the photo at the top of this post? I would love to share it on my Facebook page, but want to credit the photographer. Thanks.

    • Hello Holly! I copied this photo from the on-line brochure Karey Buttersworth posted on her GLOW page about this event. I assume that Karey took this shot. I took most of the photos on my blog, and typically credit the photo if I didn’t take it, but I forgot to credit this beautiful photograph!

      If you go to the GLOW web site and do a search for Coastal Flavors, you should be able to find this photo on the original post, or you could send a note to Karey to make sure the right person gets the credit. Thank you so much Holly, I am wishing you the very best!

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