Radio Underwriters Announced

Friends, I am pleased to announce a new underwriting partnership for our radio program.

Coastal Bend Health Foods, Latitude 28 02, and Chartroom of Rockport have signed an agreement with KEDT/KVRT to underwrite “Your Wholesome Heritage Garden”.

As underwriters of the program, these companies will be featured in sponsorship messages associated with our weekly radio program,  “Your Wholesome Heritage Garden”, and other quality programming on KEDT-FM 90.3 in Corpus Christi and KVRT-FM 90.7 in Victoria.

KEDT and KVRT enjoy the largest radio audience in South Texas.  The listening area covers 20 counties and runs from north of Victoria all the way to the south of Kingsville.  Each time our program is broadcast, the listenership is in the tens of thousands, and the audience is growing.  KEDT/KVRT programming has a considerable reach and impact.

Many of these listeners will be introduced for the first time to Coastal Bend Health Foods, Latitude 28 02, and Chartroom.  I am so excited about the many connections that will be made; the good people who will learn about these wonderful businesses and come to Rockport to try them out.  Our neighbors in South Texas will be delighted with what they find in our little town.

These business owners in Rockport sponsored “Your Wholesome Heritage Garden” because they believe in the program and because they want to support public radio and our community.  I am so thrilled and honored to partner with Kimmi, Ramona and Craig, and Chris Veatch.

Friends, I ask you to support these businesses by paying them a visit.

Kimmi Norvell Moake, Coastal Bend Health Foods

Kimmi Norvell Moake, Coastal Bend Health Foods

Thank you to Kimmi Norvell Moake of Coastal Bend Health Foods for your radio sponsorship.  Kayla and I cannot say enough good things about Kimmi, she is like family to us and she is the most wonderful person you will ever met.

She offers the freshest produce in town, grass-fed beef, pastured chicken and pork, farm fresh eggs, a full range of supplements, specialty groceries, and natural beauty products.   Please stop in and visit.

Ramona and Craig Day of Latitude 28 02

Ramona and Craig Day of Latitude 28 02

Thank you to Ramona and Craig Day of Latitude 28 02 for your radio sponsorship.  I became friends with Ramona and Craig more than thirteen years ago when they opened the restaurant, and they have created a true work of art in our town.

Latitude 28 02 is fine dining in an art gallery.  The most beautiful paintings in South Texas line the walls of this restaurant, but the food is the star of the show, and I believe the best artist in the place is the chef.  Call to make a reservation, and enjoy!

Chef Chris Veatch of Chartroom

Chef Chris Veatch of Chartroom

Thank you to Chef Chris Veatch of Chartroom for your radio sponsorship.  Chef Chris spent thirty years up in Vermont perfecting his craft, where he shopped daily among the local farms for his produce.  When Chef Chris and I partnered to host a dinner featuring ingredients fresh from our farm, he truly blew us away.  We are all still talking about that amazing dinner, and Chef Chris serves up these kinds of meals every day.

The view from Chartroom is the marina in Key Allegro.  You can enjoy your dinner and drinks while watching folks pull up in their sailboats and yachts and walk down the pier and come sit at the next table for a delicious supper.  It is quite an experience.  Please stop by the Chartroom for dinner, you will be so glad you did.

There will be more to share soon about these wonderful sponsors.  Thank you for your support of our local businesses in Rockport!

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  1. Congratulations on the Underwriters, truly wonderful businesses. And congratulations on your ever growing listening audience. They recognise the knowledge and passion you have in farming and good healthy food. Best wishes.

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