Backyard Chicken Basics Class, this Saturday, May 3rd!

Kayla, Nati, and friends in the hen house

Kayla, Nati, and friends in the hen house

Friends, join me for a class all about keeping backyard chickens tomorrow, Saturday, May 3, from 10:00am to noon. This presentation will be held indoors in the state of the art facility at the Aransas County Extension Office, 892 Airport Road, Rockport, TX 78382.

This class will be a dialogue, and we will listen to you and answer all your questions about chickens. Even if you don’t know the first thing about keeping chickens, you will leave with all the knowledge you need to start your own backyard program. Kids are definitely welcome!

Each family who attends the class will receive a free copy of the CD “Your Wholesome Heritage Garden, with Justin Butts”, from our radio program. Also, each family will receive two free chicks from our flock, to be picked up later at your convenience, when you are ready for them. Finally, there will be a delicious bar-be-que lunch following the class!

In this class, we will cover: 1) tips on feeding, housing, and care of your chickens, 2) solving and preventing problems, 3) all about chicks, roosters, eggs, and retired laying hens, 4) how to incorporate chickens into your yard and garden, and 5) all of your questions about chickens.

This class is sponsored by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Office. Contact Dr. Kirsten Corda at 361-790-0103 for more information, or go to Texas Agri-Life Aransas County for details. There is a $20 registration fee for each family who attends.

Join us tomorrow for a fun and interesting discussion all about chickens!

What:  “Backyard Chicken Basics”with Justin Butts

When:  Saturday, May 3, from 10:00am to noon

Where:  Aransas County Extension Office, 892 Airport Road, Rockport, TX 78382. Contact Dr. Kirsten Corda at 361-790-0103 for details.

Who:  Everyone who loves delicious eggs from their own beautiful chickens!

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  1. I already have 3 pet backyard chickens and I just love having them. They make great pets…that make you breakfast 🙂

  2. My name is Dane Silchenstedt, nice to meet you. I grew up in RP and have recently moved back to attend A&M nursing program. Before that I was in Northern California and blessed with the chance to volunteer on Neukom family farm. I am hoping to find another friendship like this in my old/new home. I have two 18m old twin boys a partner who stays home with them named Dana and we are living with my mom while I pursue nursing. I really would like to explore possible opportunities to volunteer and give my boys more of a vision I had always imagined (more on that later). I have a two week break before summer session starts back up and would really like to dig some holes or harvest some crops. Again, I am only looking for friendship, volunteer fun, education for me and better life education for my boys.

    • Hello Frank! We had a great turnout, and I have had several messages from people who missed this and want another one. I will pass this on to Dr. Corda of the Agri-Life Office, and I bet they will do another one soon. Everyone had a great time and we all learned a lot, and some really good connections were made! Look for updates from this site for upcoming classes. Thanks Frank!

      • I’d love to attend another one. It was such a lovely group of people and so much good information. Everybody could benefit from this…

      • It was great to see you Pam! Thank you so much for the great information about chickens, and for your wonderful spirit! We hope to see you again soon!

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