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  1. Oh, my. Don’t I wish I were closer! I’d be on your list by now. But good for you, that your slots fill so fast. I’m not surprised.

    It is a tough time for produce. Nearly everything local here is gone now, except for limas, purple hulls, eggplant, Japanese eggplant, and okra. I am still getting peaches, cantaloupe and blueberries from a farm three hours north (they come to a market here every weekend.) But the good times are nearly gone, and we’ll have to wait for fall gardens.

    Just out of curiosity, is it possible to purchase meat from you apart from the share program, or are your supplies too limited for that?

    Best wishes!

    • Hello! Yes, our products are pretty now to the farm share. Selling exclusively through this program has been working well for us and our customers. It is a remarkably efficient way to do business and keep our customers well-stocked with good things.

      I love that you are still getting all of that great produce! Our gardens are burning up, and this far south there is very little growing around us. We are networking with several South Texas growers to keep local produce in the share, but it is tough. We are already moving our livestock onto our gardens to fertilize them for the Fall. The next produce for us may be cactus fruit!

      We appreciate you so much, and I love your writing. I am terrible about commenting and liking and etc, and lately have been reading mostly from my phone, which I don’t like, but it’s the only way I can get to it. Thanks for all of your beautiful words and stories, Justin

  2. Please sign me up. I met you at aransas pass extension off during a program that you gave on soil this spring. My wife and I really enjoyed your program. We also discussed your farm share program. I mentioned that we raise our own beef. I know you can’t afford to let everybody pick and choose. But if the opportunity ever arises please don’t hesitate to limit my beef. Please sign us up. Thanks James

    James Nolen J-Marc & CO Mobile (361) 815-2482 Fax (361) 364-9218 jmarcjmarc@earthlink.net jmarc1992@earthlink.net


  3. Is there a way to “share” a farm share. I am single and do not need every week. Perhaps there is someone else like me out there that would like every other week.

    • Hello Anita! There may be a way to accommodate you with the share. We will announce the farm share openings on this site. Can you possibly try to find someone you know who would like to share? Or, we will try to match you with someone, depending on availability. Thank you so much for your interest, Anita! All the best to you!

    • Hello Heather! We should have some openings in July. We can put you on the waiting list and contact when there are any openings. We normally take the payment at the beginning at the month, we don’t currently have an option for bi-weekly payments. Thank you so much for your interest in our farm, we look forward to seeing you! All the best, Justin

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