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  1. beautiful photos. Does this mean she delivered a healthy baby, or lost the baby? Hoping big congratulations are in order–do keep us posted!

    Mary Victoria

    (mom to 1 adopted, 2 miracle babies, and 12 little souls in heaven)

    • Good morning Mary! Kayla delivered a beautiful baby girl the next day! Madeleine, 6 pounds, 15 ounces, 20 inches, and healthy and happy! Thank you so much Mary Victoria for your congratulations! You know what a blessed day it is!

    • Thank you so much! That was a brand new camera we had been saving up for, and those were the very first pictures we took with it, just before dark. I was really hoping the memory card worked!

      Thank you for all the beautiful writing you give!

  2. Thank you so much Freda! This camera is a Nikon D3300. I am so sorry I don’t have many tips! I took these pictures on the auto function, the only camera function I have ever used. I just point at Kayla and click. We don’t really wait for the light to be good, just get the pictures when we can. It helps to have such a beautiful subject.

    Our friend Rachel Durrent at racheldurrent.com is a true photographer. Her pictures, to me, are magic. And she has a tremendous passion for photography. When she takes a photo shoot, she works very hard from start to finish. She never stops taking pictures. I think loving the pictures (and the subject) makes all the difference.

    Thanks again Freda, we appreciate you so much! Justin

  3. OH! Those photos are breathtakingly beautiful! Congratulations on your new family addition! Thanks for sending them! Much love and best wishes from, Nancy, Daren, and Libby Tackis

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