Pumpkin-Fattened Turkeys Available for Thanksgiving!

Turkey Close-up by Blue Trailer

Friends, please order your Thanksgiving turkey now. We will reserve each turkey in order of responses received. These turkeys will sell out quickly, please order soon to reserve your bird.

To book your Thanksgiving turkey, e-mail me now at justinallenbutts@gmail.com. You can pick up your turkey from Coastal Bend Health Foods in Rockport on the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Beautiful Pasture-Raised Turkeys

These turkeys were raised in the fields and forests of our farm on a diet of weeds, bugs, and our own garden produce.

Even better, we fattened these turkeys on an unlimited diet of fresh pumpkins. Turkeys love pumpkin and they will devour the entire pumpkin, seeds, flesh, rind, and all. I am very excited to find out how this amazing diet of fresh pumpkin, so rich in vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, influences the flavor of these turkeys.

Raising the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

We raised these turkeys in brooders in our living room for the first month of their lives. We received them as day-old chicks in August, when it was much too hot to leave them outside.

For that month in our house, I am guessing the turkeys listened to at least five Beethoven symphonies, all his middle string quartets, Bach’s preludes, Rhapsody in Blue a few times, and so on—and they listened to a LOT of news. These are some cultured turkeys. Our family has adapted to having a house full of turkeys every August, to allow your family to have a wonderful bird for Thanksgiving.

Our dog Bando has worn himself ragged protecting these birds from coyotes and hawks in the forest. We have not lost a single bird (knock on wood) to predators this year. However, one evening I saw an osprey fly into the flock, attack a turkey, and pick it up to fly away with it. Bando ran barking at the osprey and the osprey dropped the turkey in the grass. The turkey was unbelievably not injured, not a scratch, and if you get that bird, I hope your family gets some of its luck also.

I checked each of the turkeys regularly (at night, in the dark, when they let me close) to pull all the stickers off of each bird. This is time-consuming delicate work. Stickers can cause cuts on the skin, and we want perfect birds. Still, these turkeys were raised in the forest and fields and will naturally get cuts and scrapes as part of living a happy pastured life.

What is the Price?

These turkeys sell for $7.99 per pound, and the birds will weigh around 12 to 15 pounds. Our birds should cost around $100 or so. To give you an idea of the value of our turkeys, I researched prices of pastured and conventional turkeys on-line.

If you order a quality turkey on-line, you will pay $8.14 per lb up to $9.94 per lb and higher. Many of these birds cost nearly $200. Further, you have to pay shipping, an additional $25, and you will get a frozen bird in the mail.

Our locally-raised birds will be delivered fresh for Thanksgiving, never frozen. You can judge for yourself the taste, freshness, tenderness, and quality of our turkeys compared to anything else on the market.

When to Pick Up?

You can pick up your turkey from Coastal Bend Health Foods on the Tuesday or Wed before Thanksgiving. Please pick up your turkey with enough time to brine it overnight before cooking it for Thanksgiving.

We will share some excellent recipes for your pastured bird. Your turkey will be full of flavor and tenderness when you pick up, which makes your job as a home chef easier and more fun.

E-mail me at justinallenbutts@gmail.com to book your turkey now. Thank you, friends!

Turkey Strutting

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