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  1. Dear Justin & Kayla-

    Brink and I would be interested in a farm share if it were produce only. We would not want the protein (pork, chicken, etc.) or baked goods, as personally, that is something I enjoy doing myself, baking, caning, preserving foods. If there is an option for farm share produce only, please let us know. We currently order by-monthly organic fruits/veggies from CBHF.

    As always, good to hear from you both and wishing your family Happy Thanksgivings- Patti Brinkerhoff


    • Hello Patti! We have a customer who wants everything else in the farm share–the protein, baked, and prepared goods–but would be glad to let you have the produce. You guys would make a perfect match! Let me know if you would like to partner with her. Thanks Patti!

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