Farm Share Coming to Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market!

Tea at Eleanor's Coffee Bar + Market

Tea at Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market

Friends, our Farm Share is coming to Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market in Corpus Christi!

Beginning in March, Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market will be a pick-up location for the Farm Share. We will deliver the Farm Share to Eleanor’s on Fridays for you to pick up between noon and 3:00pm. (To reserve your Farm Share at Eleanor’s, please stay tuned to this site. We will announce openings for March in the next few days, thank you!)

Kayla and I are thrilled to partner with Jessica Gignac, the owner and creative force behind Eleanor’s. Kayla has followed Jessica for years and loves everything she does. Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market is elegant and classy and tasteful with a great vibe.


Here is a sample of what you will find at Eleanor’s: seriously good coffee; high-quality teas; fresh juices made from wholesome ingredients; avocado toast with poached egg and micro-greens (definitely try that one); smoothie bowls; the baked goods of Fed by Bread; cookies; granola; kombucha; and much more. The market features high-quality roasted coffee beans, teas, honey, home goods, and other tasteful items.

When you come to pick up your Farm Share from Eleanor’s on Fridays, feel free to stay for a minute to enjoy a coffee or tea, or a healthy snack, or a nice lunch. There is a wonderful atmosphere at Eleanor’s—bring a book to read or bring a friend for a nice visit. It is a special place.

Eleanor's:  Jessica Preparing Breakfast

Eleanor’s: Jessica Preparing Breakfast

We are so blessed to partner with wonderful people like Jessica Gignac. You will love stopping at Eleanor’s to pick up your Farm Share!

The Farm Share at Kimmi’s Fine Foods on Tuesdays

Of course, we will continue to deliver the Farm Share through Kimmi’s Fine Foods on Tuesdays. Kimmi has been our partner, supporter, leader, encourager, advisor, and loyal friend for five years now with many more to come.

Kimmi has shown us the profound value of local partnerships based on integrity, trust, and the passionate commitment to serving others. We don’t know what we would do without our Kimmi.

The Farm Share at Downtown Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays

We also look forward to resuming the Farm Share at the Downtown Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays in March. The GROW Local folks are totally dedicated to bringing local food to Corpus Christi, and they know how to host a beautiful market. We can’t wait to see everyone there!

March Farm Share Openings, Coming Soon!

Please stay tuned for Farm Share openings in March, coming in the next few days. Thank you friends for you partnership with our farm, we are so honored to serve you!

Jessica Gignac, Owner of Eleanor's (photo courtesy and

Jessica Gignac, Owner of Eleanor’s (photo courtesy and

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  1. Good afternoon! My family is interested in participating in your farm share program!

    Not sure how exactly it works but we are dedicated to providing our family with organic, non-GMO produce, meat and milk.

    We would appreciate any information and details regarding your farm and programs.

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Ibrom
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    • Hello Jennifer! Thank you for your interest in the Farm Share! I placed you on our waiting list. Current Farm Share members get first opportunity to renew, then if there are openings we contact the waiting list, then post openings to the public. We will send an email to you with any openings. Thank you so much!

  2. Hi, Justin and Kayla, It is Pat Hudson and Hatcher Chalkley. We are going to be out of town until March 18th. Can we start the pick up for the Farm Share on 22nd and then again on the 29th? Let me know if that is possible and what the cost is. We have missed your wonderful food!

    We could do the Eleanor’s Coffee pick up if that is better for you. We live at 3038 Santa Fe so either location is about the same for us. Thanks, Pat and Hatcher


    • Hello Pat! I hope you guys are doing GREAT! It is great to hear from you. Unfortunately, we can’t split the Farm Shares going forward. We are now placing the products of several different farms in each share, so we have to book the quantities in advance of the month. Do you think you could find someone to pick up the first two weeks and split the cost with them? If I find someone who is only available the first two weeks, I will let you know. Thank you so much for your interest, I hope we can work it out in March or later. I put you on the waiting list, just in case. All the best to you! Justin

  3. We are back in town and would like to start up again with your farm share. I will be there at the Farmer’s Market Wednesday, April 5. How much is it for April? Pat Huds

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