Our Recipe Featured in ISSUU Top Summer Recipes!

Kafta Kabobs with Baba Ganoush, Tzatziki, and Pita (photo courtesy racheldurrent.com)

Friends, our Farm to Table article in the current issue of EASTside Magazine received a nice and unexpected honor.  This article was featured as a top summer recipe on ISSUU!

ISSUU is an online gallery of tens of thousands of magazines.  Each month, more than a hundred million visitors from around the world click on ISSUU for content.

ISSUU featured our article in “5 Tasty Recipes to Finish Off Summer”.  We don’t know how this article got on their radar, but how nice to get shared around the world!  We had a huge spike in our website traffic a few days ago and thought it was a glitch—but this explains things.

Thank you Will and Ashley Bowling for including us in EASTside Magazine!  What a nice way to get started!

One response

  1. Congratulations — so well deserved. Our little secret is out!! Wonderful food in Rockport from Four String Farms!  “BLLH”

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