I Am in a Book

Author Al Past has just released his latest novel, Distant Cousin: Two Worlds Daughter.  This book is the latest in the Distant Cousin sci-fi series about the adventures of Ana Darcy.

Ana Darcy is a beautiful and brilliant alien who lives in secret on Earth as a wife and mom.  She wants to live a quiet life, but because of her extra-terrestrial powers, she is frequently called on for dangerous missions to save the world.

I am pretty excited to say that I am a character in this book.  I can’t tell you the role of my character, whether I am a good guy or a villain.  All I can say is that in Two Worlds Daughter, Justin Butts is a former Army Ranger who comes into close contact with Ana Darcy, and does something to drive the plot forward.

You have to read the book to know the story, and you will be glad you did.  You can click here to see more about Two Worlds Daughter, or you can start with the first Distant Cousin novel and read all six books, like me.

Author Al Past is a very interesting man. He was a professor of English and linguistics for 30 years.  Al has been a naval officer, a musician, a photographer, and many other things–check out his author’s bio.  He cleverly weaves his knowledge of history, culture, linguistics, and science into his characters to tell a compelling story.

Kayla and I met Al and his wife Kay at a luncheon before a gardening class, and we instantly liked them.  I had already read Distant Cousin when I met Al, and we became friends.  Later, when Al needed a roguishly handsome tough guy with Army Ranger skills for his book, he thought of me (note, I just made up that part about roguishly handsome).

It is really cool to be in a book, especially a series you are already a fan of with characters you know.  Check out Distant Cousin for some fun reading, and meet Ana Darcy, a beautiful alien who is not what you would expect from an extra-terrestrial.

Distant Cousin:  Two Worlds Daughter, cover (courtesy Al Past)

Distant Cousin: Two Worlds Daughter, cover (courtesy Al Past)

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