A New Radio Program

Friends, I am excited to announce a new radio program on KEDT 90.3FM.  The segment is titled “Your Wholesome Heritage Garden, with Justin Butts”.  The segment will run every Tuesday on KEDT during the 8:00am and 5:00pm hours.  The first segment will air on Tuesday, April 16.

In this segment, I will discuss a range of topics centered on gardening:  heritage techniques for growing vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers; the taste and health aspects of wholesome food; stories from our pioneer farm; and stories from farms I have visited around the world.

Monthly Interview with Liz Laubach, First Wednesday of Each Month

In addition to the weekly segment airing on Tuesdays, I will also engage in monthly interviews with KEDT radio host Liz Laubach.  The monthly interview will occur during the noon hour on the first Wednesday of each month.

For the interview, Liz and I will discuss a range of topics focused on gardening and wholesome food.   Prior to each interview, Liz and I will collect questions from listeners and cover them on the air.  If you have ever heard Liz Laubach on the radio, you know she leads interesting, lively, and smart discussions.

From the Field to the Radio

Friends, I can hardly tell you how excited I am about this program.  I am accustomed to working all day in isolation, covered in dirt, surrounded by fields and forest.  Most of my daily conversations are with animals, barnyard or otherwise.  This radio segment will be a big change of pace, to say the least.

However, as anyone who has ever visited our farm knows, I work all day with my ear jacks inserted, listening to the radio, to KEDT, to the news, and mainly to all that beautiful music.  Kayla and I have been listening to Liz Laubach on the radio for so long, that when we finally met her, we felt like we were already close friends.

Thank you, Liz Laubach, for this opportunity to share my love of gardening and wholesome food with South Texas.  Thank you for seeing something in me that is worth sharing.

One Final Note

This Tuesday time slot on KEDT was filled for years with the resonating voice of Walter Furley, a legendary news man, and a beloved figure in South Texas.  Mr. Furley recently passed on to the Lord.

Mr. Furley was well-known to Kayla.  She mixed her voice often with his, singing in the church, and she knew him, as did so many others, as a good and kind and decent man.

I knew Mr. Furley from his radio broadcasts.  Every Tuesday, on the radio, he gave us his wisdom, the world as he saw it, his always interesting perspective, in that rich, warm, powerful voice.

Friends, as I fill Mr. Furley’s time on Tuesdays, please know that I cannot possibly fill his shoes.  It is a great honor merely to follow him on the radio.

And now, as I sit in front of the microphone, I am so thankful to have his voice, still ringing in my ears.

Justin and Kayla with Liz Laubach in the Studio

Justin and Kayla with Liz Laubach in the Studio

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