Help KEDT with the BIG MOVE!

Friends, our public radio and television station is relocating to Del Mar College in Corpus Christi.  Getting a new public broadcasting facility is a once-in-a-lifetime proposition.  Please donate now to help KEDT with the big move!

There are many good reasons to support your public radio and television station, particularly the wide range of programs you can’t find anywhere else.

Here is another good reason:  public television is the last bastion of wholesome entertainment you can find anywhere on the dial.  KEDT is the only channel you can watch with your children and never be embarrassed by the content.

From Big Bird to Sherlock Holmes, from Downton Abbey to Nature, there is always something good for the family on your public television station.  Please help support KEDT with a few dollars and keep these wonderful programs going!  Click on the video below for details.


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