Four String Farm Now Offers Lamb!

Friends, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Steven and Cathy Koenig of Groundswell Farm in Cuero, TX, to bring you lamb!  We are so proud to partner with these wonderful people!

Going forward, look for cuts of grass-fed lamb in your Farm Share:  lamb chops, lamb roast, spare ribs, ground lamb, and liver.  This lamb of is of the highest quality.

Steven Koenig, DVM, and his wife Cathy own 125 beautiful acres along the Guadalupe River just outside of Cuero.  Steven is a retired veterinarian who helps out at the animal rescue center in Cuero.  Cathy is an active master naturalist.

Groundswell Farm is located on an historic property in Cuero.  Years of conventional farming–from commercial cotton production to overgrazing with cattle–had worn out the land.

When Steven and Cathy took over the property five years ago, they introduced lambs (plus cattle and goats) not for the meat, but to replenish the landscape.   They wanted to restore the native grasses and natural beauty to the place.  You can see from the video of Steven what an amazing job they have done with the land, and there is still much more they want to do.

Steven pastures his lambs, cattle, and goats in a management-intensive rotational grazing operation.  He intensively grazes the livestock, then moves them to a new paddock and lets the area rest.  The animals enjoy a rich diet of grass and forage while the landscape flowers and grows more lush.

All these species (including the guard dogs and pet turkeys) live in perfect harmony, even sleeping on top of each other!  This is not easy to accomplish–you have to treat the animals very well for this to happen.

This rich diet has led to a wonderful increase in lambs, and that is where we come in!  We are proud to offer Groundswell Lamb in the Farm Share!

Please enjoy this good food and know that it is grown with love by wonderful people!

Steven Koenig with Lamb Chute Inspired by Temple Grandin

Groundswell Farm in Cuero: Lambs, Goats, Cattle, Dogs, and Turkeys Living in Harmony! Just Incredible!

Everyone Going for Shade under a Big Oak Tree

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  1. Dear Kayla and Justin, Thanks so much for bringing them into your business, we enjoyed the lamb chops in our weekly CSA, it was so delicious and looking forward to more lamb. Marlene

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