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  1. Hi Justin and Kayla! Always great to read your newsletters, and this was particularly good! “Mediocre ingredients make mediocre meals!” Oh SO TRUE! And I love that “Kayla cooks mindfully with lots of love and care!” I’ve been looking for a good apron, and those would make great slogans! Let me know when they’re available and I’ll buy several in all colors! Kayla’s baked goods sound WONDERFUL, too, even though we’re gluten-free. Oh, it makes me wish we were back down there so we could buy one of your farmshares! We’re not all THAT far away in Slidell, LA, on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain (New Orleans). You may remember that we bought a second boat here 2 years ago, July, ’15, but still keep S/V Flying Dogs in Georgetown, Bahamas and drive/fly back and forth. Daren thinks we left Rockport much too soon, but he still wants to take this boat to the northern Bahamas. I kind of like the sound of Rhode Island in the summer, since it’s so hot here! We do love Slidell, tho! Louisiana has great food and farmers’ markets, but most everyone’s really large! Thankfully, we’re not fans of fried foods, but I’ve been warned to be careful by formerly thin friends at church, who weren’t from here, either! Food is love, life, and celebrated around here! Thanks for the link to Kimmi’s Fine Foods! I remember attending her opening celebration and it looks like things are going well for her ever-expanding enterprise! What a wonderful outlet for your fabulous farm fresh foods! I’ve really enjoyed following your blog posts and I’m praying for your continuing health and success! It’s so great that you’re educating and providing such a wonderful service! God bless you and your family, and Kimmi and hers, too! Much love from, Nancy, Daren, and Libby Tackis M/V Lagniappe

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